Twitter has been embraced by iOS users like many of the other social networks that are available, and it is fair to say that there is not a shortage of clients to choose from. iPhone user in particular have a great deal of choice, but things have been a little more limited for iPad owners. Anyone who has use the small screen version of Tweetbot will be pleased to learn of the existence of a dedicated iPad version of the same app.

It is clear from the offset that this is a client designed with the power user in mind. If you have a huge number of people that you are following, it is possible to break things down into more manageable lists and you can then switch between these as if they were individual timelines. Rather than littering the interface with countless button, menus and options, there is a strong focus on gesturing, with swipes to the left and right making it possible to reply or view a conversation thread.

There is also support for multi-touch and multi-tap gestures that enable you to perform a variety of action and navigation options with ease. It may take a while to learn each of these, but once you have them mastered they are quick and easy to use. If you are business owner, or just a serious power user, support for multiple accounts saves you from having to constantly sign in and out, and there is great support for third party services such as, TwitVid, Instapaper nd more – a far greater selection than found in most Twitter clients.

Some people may find it difficult to justify paying for a Twitter client, but Tweetbot is well worth the outlay. It is a shame to see that this is not a universal app, and this means that if you are an iPad and iPhone owner, you will need to purchase the two apps separately.


Powerful, slick and a joy to use, Tweetbot is a Twitter client worth paying for.