There are now a huge number of instant messaging clients on the market - from Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger to Skype and Google Talk. Add to this the likes of Facebook and Twitter, and there are now countless ways to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues online. If used as designed, making use of each of these channels of communication can mean having several instant messaging programs installed - each of which have their own settings and configuration, and each of which use their share of system resources.

Enter Trillian, a multi protocol instant messaging tool which makes it easy to keep in touch with others no matter which instant messaging service they happen to be using. With support for ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook, MySpace, AIM, Jabber and many more, Trillian Astra makes it possible to manage all of your contact lists from one place as well as chatting with others and monitoring you email accounts.

With support for audio and video chats, file transfers and skinning, switching to Trillian does not mean that you need to compromise on feature, merely benefit from working with a single unified interface. Plugins can be used to further extend the capabilities of the program, making this a must for anyone who likes to chat online.

Note that this is the app for your iOS device.


Keeping in touch has never been easier - Trillian demonstrates how instant messaging should be done.