There are numerous social networks to choose from, but Path is one with a difference. It is a social network with a focus on the visual, enabling you to upload photos and videos ready to be shared with your close friends and family.

The files you upload are referred to as 'moments' and these can be accessed by a select group of people that you choose. As your contacts are free to leave comments on your uploads, you will receive notifications when anyone interacts with your files.

As you uploaded more and more photos and videos, tags can be added to indicate which people they feature, where they were shot and any other labels that can help to add context. The ability to view images on a map is an interesting feature.

The app is somewhat different to other social networking apps. The interface is very minimalist, and it is not possible to view comments that have been added to images, and tags are used to allow for searching and navigation. The limit of sharing files with up to fifty people is strange but unlikely to be restrictive for most people.

What's new in v3.0.1?

- Messaging - The fast, fun, and private way to message your family and friends one-to-one or in small groups. Use your words, your voice, your location, media, stickers, and more!
- Stickers - Say more in a single tap with handcrafted stickers from some of our favorite artists.
- The Shop - The hand curated place to find premium photo filters and handcrafted stickers to make your Path experience more you.
- Performance improvements.
- Bug fixes.


An interesting take on the social networking idea, but while the app does its job well, Path itself has been superseded by other sites.