Game Fire is a small tool that aims to optimise your PC for performance.

The program can apply several different tweaks to make this happen. It's able to turn off Windows Aero, for instance, and disable CPU-intensive visual effects. It can temporarily disable background processes like the Windows Search indexer, or Windows Defender. If you normally run on a "balanced" power plan then Game Fire can temporarily switch you to "High Performance", while other options defragment memory, files, or apply various system tweaks.

While this sounds like it might be complicated, it really isn't. Essentially you just need to set up a "gaming profile", which tells Game Fire exactly which of these options you'd like to employ, and then it's able to apply all your chosen settings at a click.

How much these will actually help is another matter. A close examination of GameFire's tweaks shows that many will have no measurable effect on gaming performance (disabling system sounds, visual effects, system tray balloon tips); others may cause problems of their own (turning off Windows Update, disabling the Windows firewall); one or two are utterly useless (the old "Windows reserves 20% of network bandwidth for QoS applications" 'tip').

Still, even if you ignore these lesser tweaks, Game Fire does perform some genuinely useful functions, and it can be easily configured to optimise your system further. Just beware of the installer, which tried to install 5 toolbars on our test PC: be sure to read every screen, and click "Decline" as appropriate.


There are lots of optimisation features here. Some are almost entirely useless, unfortunately, but others are effective, and so Game Fire is still worth a try