Lookout Mobile Security is a free security tool that can be used to protect your phone and the data it contains. Should you ever lose your phone, or have it stolen, the app can be used to track its location so you will hopefully be able to retrieve it. This service is available completely free of charge without the need to purchase either an app or a subscription.

Once you have activated this option within the app, you can then visit the Mylookout web site to keep an eye on the location of your device. Using the Locate feature you can view a world map pinpointing where your device can be found, and this can be converted into a Google map and shared via Twitter or Facebook if you would like help retrieving it.

The app can also be used to locate a mobile that has been misplaced around the home. The Scream feature can be used to make your mobile emit a loud siren noise to make it easier to find – you even have the option to recording a message to transmit to your phone to help alert anyone that may find it.

This in itself is useful, but there is more to the app than that. To help protect your data it will automatically backup your contacts to your online mylookout.com account so it can be easily restored in the case of accidental deletion. Other features available in the app include the System Advisor and WiFi check. These components check that your device is up to date and not dangerously jailbroken, and alert you when you are using an insecure internet connection.


A seriously useful app that could reunite your with your mobile and save your data from loss.