Fort is a file encryption tool which uses AES-256 to secure your most confidential files.

Explorer integration makes the program generally easy to use. Right-click a file or folder, select Encrypt and enter a passphrase to encrypt it, choose Decrypt and enter the same passphrase to decrypt it: simple.

Extras include an option to generate a secure passphrase at a click, and a launcher to the Windows On-Screen Keyboard which might help you bypass keyloggers.

By default, Fort creates a backup of the original file before encryption, which might not always be convenient. Fortunately you can turn this off in the Settings dialog.

What's new in v2.0 (see changelog for more)?

- New major feature: Fort now supports 4096 bit keyfiles.
- New languages are included: French.
- Fixed a bug where translation was always in English during decryption.
- Fixed a bug where data integrity check was not always timing safe.
- Several very minor bug fixes
- Improved installer
- Support forum is now available.


It's not exactly feature-rich, but Fort provides the core tools you need, and overall it's a simple way to protect your data.