Just how secure is your data online? While cloud-based backups have revolutionised the way we store and share data across all our computers and devices, there’s still the thorny question of how secure your data is once it’s online.

Many cloud-based providers encrypt your data before uploading it to the cloud, but some – including Dropbox – encrypt it remotely, which means your data could technically be handed over to someone else by the company in question.

CloudFogger is a free program designed to provide another layer of protection to your data. It’s designed to be used in conjunction with any cloud-based service, but can also be used simply to encrypt selected files and folders on your PC or local network.

You’ll need to install the Cloudfogger desktop app – currently only available for Windows, but a Mac version is promised “soon” – to actually encrypt your files prior to uploading them to your backup provider – the end result are a string of AES-encrypted files with a .clog file extension.

That’s great if you’re accessing your files from your PC, but what about your mobile? One of the best things about cloud-based backups is being able to access your files on the go, but Cloudfogger locks you out from that functionality, doesn’t it?

Well, if you’re running Android it doesn’t: the free Cloudfogger app lets you unlock your account on your phone or tablet, and then those elusive .clog files you’ve uploaded to the cloud or sent via email are accessible again – from any other app too.


If you’re a Cloudfogger user you’ll find this an essential tool to accessing your cloud-based data while on the move.