With countless web sites and programs now requiring that users log in with a password, it is little wonder that many people resort to using the same password for a number of services simply to avoid forgetting them.

The program is, at its heart, a password database which can be used to store all of your login details in one secure, password protected location. This in itself is useful, but 1Password can also be used to automatically fill in login information so you do not have to do so manually.

1Password includes extensions for a number of programs including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and many more, and these can be used to quickly access the password features of the program without having to explicitly launch it.

When used in conjunction with your web browser for online shopping, 1Password can automatically fill in credit card details in online forms. With built in phishing protection, coupled with the secure database, you can be certain that your details will never fall into the wrong hands.

v6.6.1 (changelog):


The Strong Password Generator now appears in the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro!


When editing items there is now a Done button on the Touch Bar to save changes.
The text on the Touch ID prompt has been clarified.
We've added support for Yandex Browser's new code signature. {OPM-4751}
1Password no longer quits itself after restoring from backup. {OPM-4520}
SplashID data can now be imported without having to convert the .vid file to UTF-8 {OPM-4349}
Translations from our incredible Crowdin translators.


Fixed some logic that prevented signing into iCloud due to old legacy iCloud data {OPM-4707}
Fixed an issue where the Quick Look button would hide too easily.
Fixed instances where the Item Sharing menu would be incorrectly disabled. {OPM-3746}
Resolved an issue that prevented the Share button in the item details from working. {OPM-4814}
Attempting to use the Account Migrator on Mac OS X 10.10 would result in a crash. {OPM-4680}
Restored the ability to search standard locations for existing 1Password data during setup.
Fixed an issue with the progress indicator in the Account Authentication window. {OPM-4595}
Dropping a file onto an item view to upload a related item no longer crashes on older macOS versions. {OPM-4639}
A crash that could occur during Linked Item search has been eliminated. {OPM-4712}


1Password takes the hard work out of securing your online accounts with numerous passwords and includes useful shopping related features as well