HWiNFO32 is a system information and diagnostic tool that tells you just about everything you could ever want to know about your PC's configuration. You'll find information on the CPU, hard drives, graphics card, motherboard, chipset type, BIOS version and date, memory modules, installed operating system and more. And that's just the "System Summary" screen.

Move on to the main program and you'll find a hardware tree that looks a lot like Device Manager, only with far, far more information. On our test PC, for example, expanding the Monitors section of Device Manager only told us about the driver we were using ("Generic PnP Monitor"). HWiNFO32 managed to tell us the monitor name, serial number, date of manufacture, horizontal and vertical frequencies, supported video modes, and much more (28 items in total). It's just as thorough when reporting on other areas of your PC, too.

HWiNFO32 also includes a capable benchmark module, that will test and report on the speed of your CPU, memory and hard drive. And its monitoring tool can track and display your CPU, motherboard and hard drive temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, and more, very useful for detecting hardware problems that might otherwise be hard to spot.

This is the portable version of HWiNFO32.

Version 5.30 see entire changelog for more info):

- Enhanced AMD Polaris support.
- Changed MVDDC to VDDCI on AMD Bonaire, Hawaii, Tonga.
- Added support of SMSC SCH5627 and SCH5636 HW monitors.
- Added NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080.
- Added support of AquaStream Ultimate.
- Removed showing of average values for some sensors where this has no meaning.
- Added experimental reporting of CPU current/power for some later ASUS mainboards.
- Added reporting of ASIC Quality for AMD RV7xx/M9x and later GPUs.
- Added reporting of ASIC Quality for NVIDIA Fermi, Kepler and Maxwell GPUs.
- Added reporting of GPU Memory Vendor for AMD RV7xx/M9x and later GPUs.
- Added monitoring of GPU Memory Errors (EDC) for AMD Evergreen and later GPUs (except Fiji).
- Added preliminary support of NVIDIA GP100, GP102, GP106, GP107, GP108.
- Added NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070.


An invaluable system information tool that should be a part of everyone's troubleshooting toolkit