FastCopy is an advanced file management tool that can copy and delete files faster than Windows Explorer alone.

The program includes a shell extension so you can use it from Explorer, although this isn't enabled by default, so you'll need to click Option > Shell Extension > Install to turn it on.

But once this is done, you can select files in Explorer, right-click one and choose the "Copy (FastCopy)" option to launch the FastCopy interface. Select your destination folder, click Execute and the program will handle the copy operation for you.

And if you want to customise the program then there are a host of settings available. So you're able to decide how much RAM FastCopy has available for its copy buffers, whether the program should securely wipe files it's deleting, how copy errors should be logged, and much more.

There are several complications here, unfortunately, especially for novice Windows users. Would you know what an "ACL" checkbox might do, for instance? How about an "AltStream" option? There are plenty of potentially confusing settings here, and don't expect the program documentation to be of much use: it's largely a machine translation from the original Japanese.

FastCopy isn't always the easiest program to use, then, but if you're a PC expert, or you're just happy to take the time to experiment and learn how things work, then you shouldn't let that put you off. The program really does deliver on its promise to cut your file copying time, and once you've mastered the basics you'll never go back to Explorer again.

Version 3 new features:

   - Improve I/O speed(especially network drive) by Overlapped I/O
   - Add Relative include/exclude filter.
   - Optimize multiple running FastCopys. (Enable parallel running if every FastCopys use the HDDs that another FastCopys aren't used. if not, the FastCopy that is waiting for terminating another FastCopy. And if a FastCopy has standby/shutdown post-process option, it will execute it after all fastcopy tasks terminating.
   - Add /no_ui option. (for task scheduler or batch job) 
   - MainBuffer can be specified 4096MB or over. (only 64bit FastCopy)
   - Add the option that can record timestamp/filesize information in filelog.
   - Add tolerance at the timestamp comparison option
   - Improve Physical drive group decision
   - Improve helpfile.
   - Easy to see the display (font, comma-delimited, point precision adjustment). 
   - Main settings filename is changed FastCopy.ini -> FastCopy2.ini.
   - Change license BSD to GPLv3


The interface is confusing, and the documentation a little dubious, but FastCopy really can save you time by copying files far more quickly than Windows alone