When several people are working on the same project, it is not uncommon for more than one person to require access to the same files. With several people editing the same documents, it can be difficult to keep track of which version of a file is the most recent, but this is something that TeamDrive can help with.

The program is a cross-platform tool which makes it possible to set up shared workspaces that can be used to store file online and synchronise them with local copies, configuring shared access so the files can be edited by whoever needs them. Documents are stored in the Amazon Cloud so there is no need to have your own server.

This easy to configure virtual network drive makes it easy to share files with others and automatic synchronisation means that all users can be sure that they have the latest versions of files. Documents are secured using 256-bit encryption and each user is granted complete control over who else is able to access the files they create.

Offline access means that you can work with files when an internet connection is not available and any changes you make will be synchronised the next time you go online. With automatic version control, backup creation and notifications, collaborative work is made quick and easy.

The free version of TeamDrive makes use of the pre-configured Cloud service which includes version of TeamDrive makes use of the pre-configured Cloud service which includes 1000MB of storage space and is supported by advertising. By upgrading to the Personal or Professional edition of the program you can add support for personal devices, eliminate advertisements and gain access to free support and updates.

What's new in 4.2.0 (see changelog for more info)?

- Major improvement to the activities list; more event types are now listed in the activities list e.g., 'move', 'rename', 'delete', 'trash', 'create', etc.
- The activities list can now be filtered by event type, events created by all users, events created by other users and events created only by you 
- It is now possible to display events created by a specific user via the address book or Space member list, display events per Space and display events per file 
- New notification center allows you to receive email or pop-up notifications for conflicts and errors, invitations and member actions, files and versions, comments and published files
- Now possible to see when you are running out of disk space locally, when your are out of disk space locally and when the cache is full in the notification center
- Fixed some bugs, which prevented TeamDrive from shutting down properly
- General improvements to the Space recovery process
- Recent activities' list now shows the date as well as the time of events


TeamDrive makes collaborative work as simple as possible, breaking down the barriers of platforms and distance.