Like most small business owners, we end up jotting quick notes on a sticky note and then attaching it to our monitor. Problem is that we ended up keeping these notes, including important contact details, on the sticky notes for ages. The stickiness loses its effectiveness after a while and they easily drop off our monitor and on to our desk. Once this happens, the office cleaner may simply put the note in to the trashcan.

Recently I ended up losing a direct phone number to a key contact who was wanted to sponsor a section on our corporate website. Trying to get in touch with this contact was near impossible. Switchboard were reluctant to give out his information and his PA clearly wasn’t passing on our messages. We did get in touch, finally, but it taught us an important lesson.

Stickies is an electronic version of the standard sticky notes. You can add a virtual sticky note to your computer desktop and, when you shut down your computer, your sticky notes are stored on your hard drive. Better still, you can iconify or hide a sticky note, so you can reference it at a later date. You can create multiple notes, assign a colour reference to a sticky note and even include images and other media to your notes.

Stickies goes much further and enables you to keep your notes in sync with your other computers or simply move them to another machine. You can use your notes to remind you of a forthcoming event, enabling you to set an alarm or timed event so you see both the event and associated notes.

What's new in 8.0c?

- New API events '509 desktop sticky moved' and '510 desktop sticky sized'
Stickies now uses less CPU if there are no attached notes
Bug fix which prevented backups from starting until Stickies had run continually for 24 hours
Possible fix for occasional crashes when using the Restore function
Bug around selecting a colour from the fader changing the shade fixed
Bug with sizing stickies and stacks from the bottom snapping too small (including to zero height) fixed
Fixed bug with skin 'fixed size' indicator not being refreshed when size mode changed
Stack indicators better refreshed when dragging stickies into a stack
Searching stored stickies containing a single quote (') character now works


Enables you to create coloured sticky notes for your computer desktop