Does your virtual desktop and filing system get as cluttered and disorganised as the real thing? If you’re frequently left scrabbling about your computer looking for documents, you need a tool that can do the hard work for you.

Mendeley is a tool aimed at researchers and academics, making it easy to organise, cross-reference and index any kind of document. Although aimed at high-brow users, its features can in fact be used by anyone with a need to work with a slew of documents of different types scattered across your hard drive.

Mendeley is designed to work with the cloud – and you’ll need to sign up for a free account with 1GB storage space (500MB personal, 500MB shared) when you start. You can then manage your research from your web browser or the cross-platform Mandeley Desktop tool.

This companion app is designed to give you access to all of your research from your iPhone or iPad. The library is synced in real-time, but you can mark important documents for downloading via wi-fi to read offline as and when you need them.

The apps allows you to share citations with others, plus access any shared collections you've been made privy to, ensuring you can easily keep up to date with what's going on even when away from your computer.

In addition to viewing your documents, you can also edit the meta-data and make notes too - it's not as easy as sat at your desk, but it's useful if you need to make changes while on the road.


Handy app for accessing your Mendeley research library while on the road.