One of the key advantages of using a tablet computer such as the iPad is the fact that it is can held and used in much the same way as a paper notepad. In order to get the most out of such set up, it is important to have the right app, and is this is precisely what Wacom has set out to produce with its Bamboo Paper app.

The company is best known for producing graphics tablets that can be used in image editing work, but once you see how this iPad app works, the release of such a notetaking tool should come as little surprise. Bamboo Paper does an excellent job of recreating a traditional book of paper, be it for writing or sketching, but it comes with the added bonus that you will never run of out of pages and you need never scrabble to find a pen or pencil.

Notetaking apps that require you to type are all well and good for come tasks, but they do not have the same feel as reaching for a pen and paper. Armed with Wacom's app you can scribble notes and make doodles, using pens of different sizes and colours to get your ideas down onto the digital page. the app can even be used in conjunction with the Wacom Bamboo stylus.

Books can be easily printed or shared with others, and while there are only a limited number of options to work with, there is really no need for such an app to be made complicated. Whether you use it for brainstorming, writing a shopping list, coming up with plans, or any of countless of other possibilities, Bamboo Paper is a great addition to your iPad.


Wacom's notetaking and sketching app is a little on the basic side, but what there is works well and looks great.