WinGate Proxy Server is an internet gateway and communications server suitable for anything from small home networks to large businesses.

The program will share anything from a simple dial-up to speedy fibre internet connection between your various network users, for instance. And support for a host of internet protocols ensures WinGate Proxy Server will work with browsers, instant messaging software, FTP, SSL, streaming audio and video, DirectPlay internet games, and more.

Logging and auditing features, combined with a real-time activity viewer ensure you can always keep an eye on exactly how your internet connection is being used. And if this doesn't meet your approval then it's easy to set up and enforce custom access control and acceptable use policies.

Your security is protected at all times by WinGate Proxy Server's integrated packet-inspecting firewall. But if you need more then the program can be extended (at additional cost) with modules to, say, scan incoming data for malware, or filter out inappropriate content in web traffic.

And the integrated web and DNS caching means the program could improve network performance, too.

Conveniently, the program is also licenced according to the number of concurrent users, not per seat. As not everyone will be using the internet at any one time, this could save you a significant amount of cash.

Version brings (Release Notes):

1. Fix: WinGate: Crash on startup of WinGate service if plugins were not upgraded as well. Now shows error and doesn't load module.

2. Fix: HTTP Cache: Crash in serving cached files if stored response headers > 16kB

3. Fix: FTP Proxy: Problem with non-ANSI / non-UTF-8 character set used in file names.

4. Fix: Web Access Rules: Crash in WinGate Management when double-clicking report header in "What" pane when editing a rule if no entry selected.

5. Fix: Policy: fix colour for text for policies which are enabled, but not attached to any event. Was showing as greyed.

6. Change: WWW proxy: now ignore and strip (instead of failing auth on) Proxy-Authorization headers which contain empty Basic credentials, which are sent by some non-compliant clients on all requests

7. Change: Plugin interface: changed SDK version relating to fix #1 above.


WinGate Proxy Server is a powerful and highly configurable package with a stack of essential features.