AirParrot is a clever tool which adds makes it possible to stream whatever you see on your Mac or PC’s display to your Apple TV, wirelessly. A great way to watch movies that you have stored on your Mac on your larger TV screen? Maybe: there's audio streaming, overscan support ensures the image will fill your PC, and you can even minimise distractions by hiding the mouse cursor.

Getting up and running could hardly be simpler. After installing the app you need then simply indicate which of your displays you would like to mirror, choose which AirPlay device you would like to mirror to (if you have more than one) and then you’re ready to go.

The app works by encoding your display and streaming the output and in some cases this can lead to a degradation of image quality. Thankfully, there are a series of simple options available that can be used to control image quality to help balance video quality with overall performance. This is already an interesting tool, but future updates are likely to increase its appeal even further.

Version 2 brings:

- AirParrot 2 now prevents the screen saver from starting while mirroring and streaming
- AirParrot 2 now displays application icons in the “Application” mirroring menu
- Improved mDNS and device discovery performance
- Resolved a crash when disconnecting from a media stream
- Resolved an issue that caused Play/Pause to not be properly set during Media Streaming
- Resolved an issue that caused mute on “Audio only” to not mute audio to a receiver
- Resolved an issue that caused the connection menu to not properly size after launch if the task bar icon is quickly clicked.
- Resolved an issue that causes audio only mirroring to not un-mute if muted
- Added advanced logging preference for debugging advanced issues
- Miscellaneous performance and stability improvements


 An app that shows great signs of promise, and is already worth a trial run.