Making use of the BitTorrent protocol is a great way to speed up your downloads and help to spread bandwidth usage between many people. But in order to download files in this way you will need to have a torrent client – this can be the simple, official tool from BitTorrent or one of the many thirds party tools that have sprung up over the years. There are countless apps that you could use, and Tixati is just one of them.

The program can be configured to be the automatic handler for .torrent files so as soon as you click a link the associated download will begin. There is a growing movement away from .torrent files as more and more site take advantage of magnet link which do not require even tiny torrent files to be hosted. These can also be handled by Tixat and you should find that download speeds are comparable with other clients.

You are afforded a great level of control over how your internet connection as a whole is used to upload and download files, as well as control over individual files. This is one area in which Tixati differs from the competition, but in addition to the level of control you are given over your connection, you are also provided with detailed information about all of the downloads you are running.

Harking back to the days when Usenet and IRC were more popular, here you can also use the various channels that are available to chat with other Tixati users, sharing information and files in this way. The program can also be used to stream media, share files of your own and more besides. Available in both 32- and 64-bitr varieties, including versions for Windows and Linux, this is a fairly impressive tool that rivals the likes of uTorrent.

Version 2.16.1 changes include (product news):
- optional automatic seed queue management system that rotates seeds in and out of standby depending on seed/peer counts and bandwidth
optional download queue auto-skip feature that will start additional queued downloads when bandwidth is under-utilized
queue management is fully configurable via XMLe in Settings > Transfers > General
dragging transfers can now queue/unqueue them in addition to simple reordering
peer/seed counts in status column reflect verified connections and not unverified tracker/dht counts
super-seeding improvements
several web-seeding fixes
several transfer-related GUI improvements 
outgoing tracker transactions are queued and delayed under heavy load
category sub-menus grouped according to last category separator
new "codeview" fixed-width font for editing XMLe for menus, socket parameters, and queue management settings
- legacy .dat configuration files are no longer loaded/saved (they have not been in use since v1.41), which speeds up shutdown
relaxed incoming connection rate limits
lowered incoming connection timeouts
several tracker protocol and timing improvements
improved poisoned piece recovery routines (especially with multiple block sources)
channel streaming improvements, especially for low bitrates and small segments
channel info/share editing remembers state when channel selection changes
several other channel-related GUI fixes
fixed problems with auto-throttle trace/ping on IPv6-only networks
major overhaul of core event loop and task-queuing system for smoother operation
eliminated dependencies on win32 pthreads library, most of OpenSSL, and boost::regex


A torrent tool for the power user, Tixati gives you a great level of control over your transfers