There is so much to discover on the internet that it can be difficult to know where to start. There are times when you are looking for something specific and this is when Google is your friend. It is likely that you will have sites recommended to you, and this is a great way to find parts of the internet that you might not otherwise have investigated. But if you are just looking to be entertained by something online, where do you start.

This is where StumbleUpon can help. As the name suggests, this is an app that enables you to stumble upon new web sites – with some help of course. You start by specifying a few things that you are interested in as this will help the app to pick out sites that are more likely to appeal and you can then just start tapping the Stumble button to have new content delivered to your screen – you also have the option of swiping through recommendations.

The service ties in with the desktop browser plugins so you can benefit from the recommendations that have been made by other users. As well as looking for sites based on the interests you have specified, you can perform searches to find sites that relate to keywords you specify, and there is also the option of subscribing to channels which are moderated by curators who highlight interesting content.

StumbleUpon is part game, part utility. On the one hand, it is unique way to discover sites that might be genuinely useful, but on the other it is an extremely interesting way to just kill time. There is no knowing just what your next stumble is going to turn up, so whether you are using the app for fun, brainstorming or a serious projects, you're going to find that you are taken off on some interesting and surprising tangents.


Fun, useful and unique, StumbleUpon presents the internet to your in a whole new light.