Spend a little time online and it won't be long before you are required to fill in some sort of form - and the chances are it also won't be long before you are asked to fill in another similar form asking for very much the same information. While web browsers have been developed so certain key details such as usernames and passwords can be automatically filled in for you, filling in the details of an online form is still something of a manual process even if a feature such as auto-complete is enabled.

RoboForm takes things a step further, offering to not only fill in user names and passwords on your behalf, but also to automatically fill in longer forms such as those asking for address details. During the installation of RoboForm you will be prompted to create a master password. This is used to protect all of the passwords and other form information that will be stored in the program so it is important that it is not only difficult for other people to guess, but also something that you are going to remember. Whatever web browser you are using, you can then provide RoboForm with common personal information and the program will fill in the relevant fields of online forms when necessary.

There are two versions of RoboForm available - the free edition and the Pro version. The free version can be used to create a single user profile, with 10 password logins, while an unlimited number are available in the Pro edition. Users of RoboForm Pro can create an unlimited number of custom fields, while only three can be created in the free version. If you've been looking for a way to save time and avoid the potential problem of spelling mistakes when filling in online forms, RoboForm may just be the tool you have been looking for.

What's new in 7.9.19 (see changelog for more)?

- Firefox: new signed XPI with all recent fixes. 
- Firefox + Rf2Go: add support of Firefox up to ver 46, remove support of old versions. 
- Installer: fix RF installer offers to switch off IE Enhanced Protected Mode on Windows 10 even if it is Off. 
- Opera: Fix RoboForm does not work in Opera 37. 
- Win32: Fix RF slows down Quicken, by not exploring Quicken windows with MSAA. 
- Win32, Windows 10: Fix RF does not detach from Win32 windows on Windows 10. 
- Localization: switch to using .rfs files directly, without intermediate .rfi files. 
- Try to alleviate crashes caused by PhishWall addon (JP) in Internet Explorer.


A great time saving tool which eliminates the need to perform a repetitive task