As a parent it is only right to be concerned about how your children make use of the internet. When at home, it can be difficult enough to monitor how a family computer is being used, but there is software available that can be used to put restrictions in place or perform the monitoring on your behalf. But when it comes to mobile devices, it can be all but impossible to monitor just what the internet is being used for, but this is something that can be rectified by installing Norton Safety Minder on an Android device that your children have use of.

After creating a free Norton Online Family account and installing the necessary software on your desktop computer, you can then configure the options you would like to use. If there are specific web sites you would prefer you children did not visit, a blacklist of sites can be created, but it is also possible to block sites by age rating or category – but bearing in mind the number of sites that subscribe to such schemes, this may not be the best filtering option. The desktop app can also be used to keep an eye on which sites have been visited, or to which attempted visits have been made.

But the app is about more than just monitoring and controlling web activity; Norton Safety Minder has more to offer anyone who has a Norton Online Family Premier account. If you have paid for this upgrade you can also use the app to take control of text messaging – to the extent that you can choose who can be messaged - check which apps have been installed and uninstalled, as well as using online controls to place limits on contacts.

The app is obviously much more useful if you have invested in a premier account, but the free version is still worth checking out. As with all such parental control software, circumvention is possible – as things stand it is not possible to control browsing in all web browsers – so it is not one hundred per cent reliable but it does offer some peace of mind.


A nice idea, but one that is flawed due to cumbersome implementation and easy circumvention.