Microsoft Outlook is a free email app which brings together your emails, calendar and contacts from all your accounts.

The app works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and iMap, and can attach files directly from your email, OneDrive or Dropbox.

The core functionality just works (only the most important emails make it to your inbox, there's a built-in calendar, you're automatically notified of appointments).

You'll still find plenty to do, but Outlook keeps the hassles to a minimum. You can quickly filter mail to find unread items, locate anything with attachments, maybe list messages from your most frequent contacts, in a tap or with a few letters. Processing emails (delete, wipe) just takes a swipe, or you can schedule emails and they'll reappear to be dealt with later.

What's New in Version 2.14.0

All of our weekly updates include performance improvements and bug fixes to make Outlook better for you. This version specifically fixes the serious delays in receiving and sending email from Gmail accounts. Our apologies to all those whose experienced this, please do let us know if you still notice anything odd happening in your inbox.

Here are some other improvements we love about this update:

- We now suggest frequently used contacts when you’re creating or editing an event.
- When composing a new email, the size of the text now matches your phone’s accessibility settings. In-line images should also look better.
- Pressing the ESC key on iPad while composing an email no longer makes the app crash.
- We used to send you reminders for canceled events. We don’t anymore.
- Our widget is now way more reliable than it used to be.


The Outlook app is still relatively basic, but for an early release of a free app, it's a good start. And the rapid pace of development suggests it could be really impressive, quite soon.