With its built in web browser and a huge number of news applications, there is no shortage of ways to keep abreast of the latest happening using your iPhone. Many newspapers have produced mobile versions of their web sites which are better suited for the smaller screen and some have gone as far as developing dedicated iPhone apps. While most are available free of charge, amidst arguments about whether news should be provided for free, The Guardian took the bold move of releasing a paid for iPhone app - this means that news stories are not accompanied by advertisements.

The main screen can be customised to display up to six of the main news categories, with up to five stories displayed in each category. The app also provides full access to the rest of the Guardian's news content through a search facility and category browsing. Individual newspaper sections and stories can be bookmarked to make them easy to access in the future and when you are connected to a wifi network you have access to a number of Guardian popcasts.

The option to view a list of the most popular articles from the last 24 hours as well as trending topics, coupled with the sleek looks and customisable interface makes the Guardian's iPhone app one of the best news sources available.


Proving that it can be worth paying for news, The Guardian's iPhone app is one of the best from British newspapers.