No matter what phone tariff you have, it is hard to have too many free call minutes and SMS messages available to you. The Google Voice iPhone app enables you to send and received free phone calls and text messages as well as using a voicemail system to handle call you are not able to take.

Your contacts can be organised into groups or favourites for easy access, and placing a call is a simple matter of clicking a contact or entering a phone number. Support for push notifications means that the app will alert you when you receive a new voicemail or SMS.

The app operates quickly and is a far superior option to using the mobile version of the Google Voice web site. The official app is also a great improvement on the selection of sub-standard third party tools that emerged while the app was undergoing development.

Google Voice is a boon for any US resident, and iPhone users should not hesitate to install this app so they can start saving money right away. iPhone users around the world will have to wait a little longer until Google Voice is released in their country.


Free phone calls, text messages and a voicemail system that all works as it should do- what's not to like?