Web sites have developed to a point where visiting a particular site can be a similar experience to using a standard application - in fact there are numerous sites billing themselves as online app such as Photoshop Online.

If you use services such as Gmail and Facebook as well as other online apps, it can mean having to run a browser with a large number of tabs open. Constantly switching between tabs can be tiresome, but by using Fluid it is possible to transform any web site into its own standalone application.

Simply provide the site's URL and enter a suitable name before choosing where the shortcut should be created. You can then opt to use the site's favicon as a program icon or select an image of your own.

When launched, applications appear in the dock to allow for easy switching and each can also be configured to launch automatically at startup if required. Site Specific Browsers (or SSBs) are nothing new, but Fluid keeps things simple and makes it significantly easier to conduct your life online.

Note there's an alternative option to purchase a Fluid license for $4.99 which will offer you additional functionality such as allowing apps to store cookies separately and more.


A highly flexible tool that blurs the boundaries between working online and offline.