FlashFXP is a very capable commercial FTP client.

The program supports all the file transfer standards you need: FTP, SFTP, FTPS, site-to-site transfers (FXP), SSL site-to-site transfers SSCN), and more.

The transfer process itself is usually as easy as dragging and dropping. And on-the-fly MODE Z compression ensures the best possible performance. But if you're moving a large number of files and don't want to tie up all your bandwidth, then you can also set the program's maximum file transfer speed in just a click or two.

And there's plenty more. You get convenient file management; easy remote file editing with automatic upload on save; a remove server file search; a priority transfer list; the ability to calculate the size of all files in a specified path, and extensive command line switches.

As there's plenty of free competition FlashFXP inevitably still looks a little expensive, but it does have plenty of features, and if the free tools leave you unimpressed then the program just might appeal.

What's new in See full changelog for more info:

- Fixed: Added a missing busy state check before performing a remote view/edit; this missing check lead to unexpected results if a view/edit operation was already in progress.
- Change: The "Copy to clipboard > URL (with password)" feature now URL encodes the user-name and password.
- Change: Minor UI display changes in the Site Manager > Stats tab, The content now scales based on font size.
- Change: Minor changes to the file transfer engine that should result in a small increase the file transfer speed (FTP, SFTP, and FTPS).
- Updated SecureBlackBox library.
- Change: Minor UI changes to the Custom command editor dialog.
- Change: When using the Edit and Upload feature, FlashFXP will now detect file changes while a transfer queue is in progress and automatically yield the queue to perform the edit upload.
- Change: The default SSH/SFTP cipher order has changed so that the (faster) AES-GSM now take priority over the (slower) chacha20-poly1305.


It's not cheap, but FlashFXP is a capable and feature-packed FTP client, and the program may be worth a look if your file transfer needs are complex.