Why on earth would you want a third-party extension to clean up your web tracks? Surely your web browser’s own tools are sufficient? That’s not always the case, however, which is where Click and Clean comes in. Not only does it utilises Chrome’s own cleaning tools, it offers more advanced cleaning tools to ensure more traces of your web history are removed. Better still, it does all this with the minimum number of clicks, from within your browser and without forcing you to close it down to finish the job.

Owing to the additional features offered by Click and Clean, such as its malware scanning tool along with one-click shortcuts to useful tools within and without Chrome, it’s an extension that will only work in Windows – both Linux and Mac users are excluded here.

Once installed, click the Clean and Clean button in your toolbar to get started: a pop-up window containing five tabs (Main, Tab, Chrome, System and Net) and a panel of buttons, which change depending on the tab you’re currently viewing. Roll the mouse over a button to get a brief description, then click to activate it or trigger the shortcut.

Most tabs are little more than a collection of shortcuts to existing tools in Chrome (Chrome tab) or Windows (System), while the Net tab offers a collection of shortcuts to free online services like image editing and PDF creation. Ultimately finding Click and Clean’s unique features can become a game of hide and seek. Start with the malware scan button on the Main tab, and then move to “Clear Private Data”. This doesn’t just utilise Chrome’s own cleaning tools, it also clears out other related data such as Flash LSOs, Silverlight cookies and the Java cache.

Another potentially useful feature is the close all tabs button – yes, the functionality already exists in Chrome, but once clicked the button becomes a restore button, allowing you to restore all those tabs in a single click. Click Video History and you’re able to view Chrome’s media cache, giving you access to a wide range of videos (including those from YouTube) you’ve watched without having to locate them in the History.

The Tab section also has some useful features of its own: a capture button for the current tab, plus options to open the current tab in another browser: Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer or Safari (assuming they’re installed, of course). There’s even a Whiten button for lightening the colour of the currently selected tab – sadly there’s no undo button here.

Version 7.0 has been completely redesigned while adding additional cleaning tools. It’s compatible will all current releases of Chrome, including Chrome Dev 11. 


Too many shortcuts and buttons crowd out some very useful tools – a streamlined version wouldn’t go amiss.