Maintaining a social media feed – particularly as part of your job – can be a time-consuming chore. One of the first things you’ll learn is that it’s impossible to stay on top of your posts in real-time, and that if you want to provide your audience with a steady stream of updates throughout the day you’ll need the help of a scheduling tool.

Your social network makes it possible to schedule individual posts, but it can be fiddly to implement, which is where Buffer steps in. It lets you manage your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts from a single location, allowing you to set up a daily schedule that will automatically post updates to separate accounts at different times. All you need to do is find time to sit down and load up your posts and media for sharing.

This app complements the main web-based service, making it easy to manage your accounts and set up a schedule direct from your iPhone and – as of version 4.0 – iPad too. It’s ridiculously simple to use: connect your accounts, set your chosen schedules and then simply populate content, either from the app or by sharing links using the supplied add-on that plugs into Safari in iOS 8 or later to allow you to schedule interesting links to share without having to switch back to Buffer itself.

Buffer offers a free account that limits you to a single profile for each type of account, each of which has its own custom schedule and support for up to 10 queued posts at a time. Upgrade to the Awesome Plan ($10/month) and these limits are lifted ten-fold, plus you can connect up to 15 RSS feeds to each connected profile, making it easier to share content from each.

It’s worth noting that while you can schedule posts across multiple profiles, you can only view and edit one profile at a time – just like with the main web interface. Also, the app has a nasty habit of crashing when you attempt certain tasks – we suspect these bugs will quickly be ironed out, but for now they prevent Buffer claiming award-winning status.

What's New in Version 6.2

Thank you for your support! If we can ever help with anything at all, we'd be so happy to! Drop us a line, anytime, at [email protected] or @buffer. Here's a bigger update with some brand new features and improvements...

- Adjusted Past Reminders to be a tab alongside "Reminders" for Instagram accounts.
- Made showing images inside Instagram Reminders Notifications more robust.
- Drafts now show link and retweet attachments.
- Image Picker will now display correctly when changing orientation.
- Tapping update text will now correctly open composer to edit unless tapping a link.
- Improved Notices for Push Notifications & Disconnected Accounts.
- Improved FAQ Answer display with support for links and YouTube videos.
- Instagram Reminders "Time to Post" view should load quicker where possible.
- Added haptic feedback to Instagram Reminders when caption is copied.
- Fixed crash on iPad when displaying credit dialog for Instagram Reposting.
- Tweaked our Settings view to only display relevant settings to you and your device.
- Fixed bug where switch for enabling/disabling notifications wasn't visible on iPad.
- Added signout option to Settings.
- Queue tab will now refresh if you adjust your timezone.
- Made reordering look smoother by adjusting animation.
- Fixed issue where locked accounts would be selected in Composer and wouldn't be unselectable.
- Added fallbacks if we're unable to get image on first try for Instagram Reminders.
- Cleaned up layout issues within Composer in some cases including for Placeholder text and link attachments.
- Added open source Acknowledgements to Settings.


Once they iron out the bugs, this will be an exceptional tool for those juggling multiple social media profiles who want to schedule posts.