There is no shortage of programs that can be used to download torrents, but BitComet has a combination of features which make it worth checking out. As well as support for standard torrent files, the program can make use of magnet links and downloads that have been paused can be quickly resumed without the need for time consuming file scans.

As well as torrents, the program can also be used to perform HTTP and FTP download, with support for multiple mirrors helping to speed up downloads. uPNP port mapping is automatically configured so there is no need to worry about not been able to connect to other downloaders.

Many file types, including AVI and WMV, can be previewed before a download has completely finished, and intelligent automatic file renaming makes it easier to organise your files. Download prioritising can be used to force one particular download to finish before others, and download and upload speeds will be automatically configured to suit your internet connection.

The program interface includes links to a number of popular torrent sites so you can perform searches without having to fire up your web browser. Tagging and favouriting options make it easy to bookmark sites and torrents for use at a later date.

What's new in 1.38?

- GUI Improved: add open-folder button in download finish pop-up window
- GUI Improved: display download speed and progress together when floating window re-sized large enough
- GUI Improved: change the option of auto-stop seeding time from minutes to day-hour-minute
- GUI Bugfix: fix the floating window display problem when using multiple monitors
- Core Improve: improve file read/write performance, reduce UI stuck
- Core Improve: support ReFS disk volume
- Core Improve: support Chrome browser extension
- Core Bugfix: the minimize value of network.max_connecting_connections in advanced options changed to 8
- Core Bugfix: fix bugs in IE extension


A fully featured torrent client offering superb download speeds.