Searching the internet has undergone something of an evolution, and it is now not enough to rely on text based searches, and this is something Bing goes a long way to proving. Rather than being described as a search tool, Bing is touted as a 'decision engine' which gives an indication that the app is about more than finding information, it is also about finding 'things'.

Traditional text based searches can be performed, but voice activated searches are also available. If you're looking for a restaurant, Bing can be used to track down a particular style of cuisine in a certain price range, and you can even use the app to book a table for dinner. Your location can be used to notify you of when you are near a place you have searched for.

The iPhone's camera can also be used to conduct searches. It can be used to scan barcodes to check online prices, or used to take photos of album and book covers to find out more about a product. Bing also feature text recognition which means you can photograph a word or phrase and perform an online search without the need to type it in manually.

Integration with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare means that it is also possible to share details about your activities with your friends. Bing has loads of useful features and it is a good looking app - iPad users are in for a real treat as the larger screen is used to great effect for display search results.

Please note that Bing is currently only available in the US.


It may be yet another search app, but Bing does its job incredibly well and looks great into the bargain.