Whatever sort of travel you are undertaking, be it a business trip to the other side of the country, or a holiday on the other side of the world, there is a lot to remember when it comes to your travel arrangements. TripIt - Travel Organizer is a handy iOS app that ensures that you always have the information you need right at your fingers tips.

Most travel plans are now organised online - booking train and plane tickets is quicker and easier this way - and this means that booking are usually confirmed by email. These confirmation email include all of the details of your trip, and this is information that TripIt can make use of. Rather than requiring you to manually enter your travel information, all you need to do it to forward your confirmation email to a special TripIt email address.

Once this have been done, all of your travel arrangements will be automatically pulled into the program so you can access them any time you need them, regardless of whether you have internet access or not. You will be able to see details of any flights or trains you have booked and TripIt will also handily provide maps of your destination.

Your travel plans can be shared with others via email, and the app can also be used to add extra information about your plans such as car rental details, hotel contact details and much more. In this way, all of your travel information can be kept in one place - on your iPhone, which is something that is always going to be to hand.

The free version of TripIt is support by advertisments, but these are not present in the paid-for version of the app.


An essential travel companion which will ensure that you have all of your travel plan details stored and accessible.