The way in which we watch television has been completely revolutionised by services such as Sky+. The ability to not only record programmes and watch them at another time, but also to pause live broadcasts, means that very few of us now watch programmes at the time they are broadcast. Using the Sky+ app you can take control of your Sky+ box wherever you may be.

Using the app you can browse through the next seven days of TV listings to see what’s coming up on the channels you have subscribed to. But it doesn't end there. If you spot a show you like but are away from home, there is no need to send yourself a reminder to set up a recording. Instead, you can simply hit the record button on your iPhone or iPad and the show will be recorded for you at home.

Both iPhone and iPad versions of the app have the same basic functionality, but the iPad edition makes great use of the extra screen space. Extra information is displayed about each of the programmes in the schedule, and you can enjoy show recommendations as well as suggestions for shows you may like based on your viewing history.

The Sky+ is a great tool, but it is lacking in some areas. The lack of support for series linking means that you will need to remember to record the remainder of a series when you are next at your Sky box or, if you are away for a while, you will need to keep remotely configuring recordings.

Sky+ 4.7 is a minor upgrade. New features include:

- Fully supports IOS7
- If your Sky+HD box is connected to the internet you can send On Demand downloads to your box when you're out and about so that it's ready to watch when you get home 


Sky+ is a great tool in its own right, but the ability to control your box via the internet is simply incredible.