When travelling around the country for business or pleasure, it is always good to know what is happening on the roads ahead. National and local radio broadcasts can alert you to major incidents, but it is not possible for traffic reports to cover every problem that is affecting the roads.

Armed with your iPhone and a copy of RAC Traffic, you can quickly find local traffic news before setting off one a journey. If you are travelling to a different part of the country, you can use the search facility to check travel information all over the UK.

Any problems that are reported can be viewed as a text description, but integration with Google Maps means that it is possible to see at a glance precisely which sections of a road are affected by roadworks or an accident. It also mean that you can quickly plan another route to avoid potential delays.

The app's use of GPS means that it is able to quickly locate your position and list nearby traffic incidents. These are displayed on a map and by touching one of the markers you can view additional information about the incident - depending on how far away you are you may decide to choose another route, or you may deice that a minor incident will have cleared by the time you arrive.


Whether you are a frequent or occasional traveller, this is an essential installation for your iPhone.