Buying a dedicated satnav device can be an expensive option and while there are a number of route planning tools available for the iPhone and iPad, they have a tendency to be somewhat expensive as well. As the name might suggest, Navfree UK & ROI is a free navigation app that includes maps of the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Navfree offers turn by turn voiced instructions to help you to get from A to B, and the fact that the maps are all stored on your idevice means that there is no need to have a data connection available - there are also no set up fees or on-going subscription costs.

The app makes use of OpenStreetMap to provide free routing and is reliant on users submitting corrections and amendments to ensure that maps are as accurate as possible all future updates will be made available completely free of charge.

Route planning is fast and accurate, and the navigation display is clear and easy to follow. There are a number of points of interest built into the app and these can be used as destination points, but you also have the option of search Google or Bing for locations before planning a route.


Clear and concise route planning which rivals the likes of TomTom in impressive style.