While the iPhone features a built in weather app, it is rather basic. Alternatives have been available for some time, but now the authoritative source the Met Office has released its own app. As you would expect from an organisation whose job it is to investigate and report the weather, this iPhone app is of a very high standard and the level of information provided is unlike any other iPhone weather tool.

The app will automatically determine your current location to provide information about local weather, and this is displayed on the summary screen. If you want to know what's on the cards, you can view a forecast for the rest of the day or opt to see a five day forecast. National weather alerts are highlighted so you know when to take care if you are travelling.

Satellite imagery and rainfall data is available on a nationwide or regional basis and this can be viewed as a slideshow to show how the weather is going to develop. With the option to search for specific locations and save searches for future reference, full details of the weather are in the palm of your hand with this superb app.


Far and away the best weather app available for the iPhone.