Tired of referencing multiple apps to help you determine the best way to get from Point A to Point B? Our new Compare simplifies your life by solving for the Mobile-Multitasking Madness to help you find the best mode of transportation based on the time of day, cost, situation, weather, and more!

We’ve integrated multiple modes of transportation, including Uber and car2go* nationwide and transit** in select cities. In addition, avoid the rubber-necking and route around accidents, plan multi-stop trips, and tap into advanced routing capabilities-- including alternate routes. With a recognizable “Map” icon, robust bookmarking options, and handy sharing features, navigation convenience is just a tap away. Whether you’re running a quick errand or taking a road trip, MapQuest's live maps and traffic updates and GPS and voice navigation, give you the trusted directions and traffic info you need.

With the MapQuest App, you can:
• Forget the app balancing act. Use the Compare feature to see a variety of transportation options, including Uber, car2go* and local transit to help you determine the best available option.
• Traffic a bit crazy? Check your local transit** or use it as an excuse to walk off some of those pesky calories.
• Time is money. That’s why we’ve made it easy to sort your results to get the quickest and/or least expensive option.
• Stay ahead of storms. View local weather so you can plan the best mode of transportation.
• Get in those steps! See walking time to your destination and estimated number of calories you’ll burn to get there.
• Book a ride. Integrate with the Uber app and see available services, pricing and estimated time of arrival.
• Reserve a car. Find and book the nearest available car2go.
• Reading and driving don’t mix. Get voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation with driving or walking directions.
• Live life in the the moment and have peace of mind knowing we’re using up-to-date traffic data, with live updates and auto re-routing to help you arrive on time.
• Make the most of your day and activate our traffic layer directly from the home screen and see slow downs, incidents and cameras in the area.
• Sometimes, choices are good. Choose the most optimal route from up to three different choices (when available), with traffic, road closures, etc. taken into account to get you to your destination efficiently.
• Impress your friends and family by sharing your arrival time with estimated time of arrival (ETA) and location sharing features.
• Car broken down? Activate membership-free roadside assistance from our menu for towing, flat tires, etc. When available, we track the tow truck GPS location and display it on the map!
• Forget your work, home and other frequently visited addresses. Bookmark them so you can get to them easily from “Go To” on the home screen.
• Live like a local, no matter where you are!
• Search/display nearby points of interest (POI) in your fave categories like restaurants, gas, hotels, etc. with our industry-first layers bar.
• Use advanced search to see contacts, recent searches, top categories and nearby POI to help you find your destination faster.
• Save money by comparing prices of nearby gas stations.
• Browse menus and reviews and make reservations and order food through our Yelp, OpenTable and GrubHub partnerships.
• Book nearby hotels directly from the app!

What's New in Version 5.6

• We’ve redesigned our Nav Hat (the bar at the top of the screen that shows traffic and your ETA)! It’s cleaner, sleeker, harder, better, faster, stronger.
• Do you ever think to yourself, “Gee, I have so much constructive feedback I’d love to share with MapQuest. If only there were a way I could easily rate the app and submit my feedback once I reach the end of my route.” We thought so! Whether you love our app or you think we can do better we want to know. Look for the prompt at the end of your route - we’d love to hear your thoughts.
• Did your navigation experience go just as you expected? Then we’re doing our job. We’re continuing to make search and data improvements every day so you can explore without hiccups or unpleasant surprises.
• To top it all off, we’ve fixed bugs and crashes from the previous version! Now what’s more exciting than that?


Fast and accurate directions for walking and driving at no cost - a great alternative to a dedicated GPS device.