GPS navigation didn’t take long to become incredibly popular, and many cars are now fitted with such systems as standard. Buying off the shelf navigation devices can be expensive, and this is also the case for software that can be installed on devices such as iPhones and iPads. MapQuest aims to buck the trend as it offers turn-by-turn navigation completely free of charge.

The problem with many navigation system is that in addition to the initial cost, obtaining updated maps and extra features is dependent on paying a subscription or paying for add-ons. As standard, MapQuest includes map updates as well as live traffic at no cost.

As you would expect, the app provides details of nearby places of interest and will also re-calculate the best route should you accidentally take a wrong turn or need to make a detour. As a paid-for app, MapQuest would be regarded as a powerful and feature packed tool, but as a free app, it is unrivalled.

As the app is iOS4 compatible, it can be left running in the background providing directions, but leaving you free to take calls, listen to music or run other apps at the same time. This is particularly useful when used as a tool to provide walking directions rather than driving.


Fast and accurate directions for walking and driving at no cost - a great alternative to a dedicated GPS device.