Kindle is one of the biggest names in the ebook arena and there are apps available for virtually all platforms that can be used to not only read electronic books, but also manage your expanding ebook library. The latest incarnation of the app offers full support for the retina display of the latest version of the iPad, and the software can be used to manage your ebook book collections both on and offline.

As you would expect with an ebook reader, you can use the app to view ebook and magazines, and you have the option of creating bookmarks so you can quickly jump to the page you left off at. Despite the name, there is no need for you to be a Kindle owner to take advantage of this application, but if you do have such a device, your libraries will be kept synchronized for you automatically.

Depending on the type of books and documents you are reading – the app can also be used to open PDF files as well – you may find it helpful to take notes. This is an option that is available in the Kindle app as is the ability to highlight passages of text; these can be synched between your devices as well.

Kindle for iOS provides access to an extensive selection of ebooks that you can buy from your iPhone or iPad and have ready to read in a matter of moments. The app can also be used to subscribe to magazines and newspapers and the interface is designed in such a way that reading an electronic book is made into a truly enjoyable experience with nice touches such as realistic page curls as your leaf through a book.

What's new in Kindle for iOS 4.12.1:

   - Fixed a bug preventing some users from rotating books on iPads.
    - Bug fixes and stability improvements.


A digital library in your hand, Kindle is a great installation regardless of whether you have Kindle device.