The sheer number of iPhone apps available in the App Store means that there is a utility to cover virtually everyone's needs. But if you need several tools, it not only means filling your home screen with numerous icons, it can also mean having to spend a small fortune.

AppBox Pro is made up of a collection of tools to cater for a variety of needs. A battery life meter helps you to gauge how much longer you can use your iPhone for various tasks, while a clinometers enables you to find flat surfaces with ease. There's also a currency converter, loan calculator, random number generator and system information tool.

The unit converter is something that's certain to come in handy, as is the built in ruler. The data calculator makes it easy to work out how many days remain until an important date and the flashlight provides a little extra light when needed.

A translation tool is useful when on holiday and access to Google Books as well as a selection of online games means entertainment is never far away. This is a great collection of tools - some of which you will use every day, while others are ready for when you need them.


An opportunity not to be missed - a collection of genuinely useful tools at a superb price.