Anyone who’s serious about family history will know all about the Ancestry website – it’s packed full of archive records recording the lives of our forebearers. One of its standout features is the Trees section, where you can set up your family tree, link records from the site and flesh out the bones of your ancestors by recording details and uploading photos and documents. These trees then show up in site searches and enable you to get in touch with other Ancestry users who may turn out to be related, however distantly.

It’s a powerful feature, and you can happily use it in place of a family history program to store your research on, but what happens when you want to access the tree away from your computer? The answer lies in with the Ancestry app, which is designed to link into all of your Ancestry trees, giving you easy access to your research.

Version 2.0 has been redesigned from the bottom up with one eye on iPad users, with the key change being in the way your tree is displayed: out goes the rather unintuitive list of names, and in comes the pedigree view, making it easier to navigate through the generations.

The app also allows you to do more than simply browse your online tree: you can edit information, upload photos from your iPhone/iPad and even add brand new members – perfect for adding to your research notes while out and about making new discoveries. Version 2 adds the ability to view other people’s shared trees, plus view more detail about selected individuals in the form of source citations and attached records too.

You’ll need an Ancestry account to use the app – but the good news is that creating a tree is completely free. The only downside is you’ll need to purchase a subscription to do much with it… 


Beautifully designed and implemented – particularly as you can edit your notes and add material on the go.