There’s a clue in the name of Smash Cops. This is a GTA-style isosymetric driving game in which you play as a cop who smashes in to cars. Just because you’re on one side of the law, it does not mean that you cannot indulge in a little vehicle smashing. Found some illegally parked cars? Don’t bother ticketing them, just smash them! This is a theme that runs throughout the game, and while there are numerous missions to work through, smashing is very much the order of the day.

While you are not quite given a completely free rein to explore the cities, there is a lot of scope for driving around, and little is out of bounds when it comes to destruction. There’s plenty to keep your busy here, with more than thirty main missions and seven mini-games that will keep you coming back for more.

The control mechanism is unlike anything found in other driving games – other any game for that matter – and it will take a little while to get used to. That said, once you have it mastered, you’ll find that you’re able to control your car like a pro as you use your finger to propel your vehicle forward. Graphics and sound are a delight to behold, and there’s plenty to enjoy as you take part in some of the wildest car chases ever.

The latest version of the game, despite being only a minor update in terms of version number, sees the addition to ten new missions as well as the inclusion of three extra vehicles for you to smash through the various levels. The city map has been expanded to give you an even larger driving experience and you can now compete against friends thanks to Game Center support and challenge yourself to find all of the donuts that are hidden through the city.


Endlessly entertaining and wonderfully crafted, this is sort of game that is perfect for the iPad but translates well to the iPhone as well.