Scrabble received something of a resurgence of interest when it was made available online to users of Facebook and it didn’t take long for a version of the classic board game to makes its way to the iPhone. The game itself needs little introduction, but this is a wonderful fresh take on a family favourite.

The iPhone's touch screen is used to zoom in and out of the board, drop and move tiles while a quick shake of your phone will shuffle the tiles. Playing against the computer, there are various difficulty levels and rules to choose from, but there is also the option of playing against a friend over a local network.

When playing solo, the game keeps track of your high scores, best scoring words and your overall win rate. It would have been nice to see an internet game options, but the ability to play against a real player via wifi will do for the time being.

During a game, should you find you are struggling with the letters you have in front of you, a hint system is available to help you find the highest score possible. Purists may baulk at this idea, but the feature can be disabled if desired.


A flawless version of every word lover's favourite game - and the built in dictionary reduces the likelihood of arguments.