The teams at Pop Cap games has a great track record for providing wonderful little games with oodles of charm and playability - Plants vs Zombies is no different. The game involves protecting your house from an army of invading zombies who make their way to your home through the garden.

All you have in your arsenal is a selection of plants - some carnivorous, some that shoot and others that slow down the on-coming onslaught. This simple premise means that the games can be learned in a matter of minutes and before you know it you'll be working your way through the levels.

With 50 levels to play, 46 different types of zombie to kill and 49 different floral firearms, the pace is relentless but satisfying. In true classic gaming style, coin can be collected to buy new weapons and power-ups.

The battle against the undead is fast and furious. Battles take place both day and night, in the garden, in the swimming pool and on the roof - nowhere is safe!


Plants vs Zombies is a slice of pure unadulterated fun, with wonderful gameplay and a sense of humour.