LaunchBox is a portable games database and launcher. It was designed to work with DOSBox (which comes bundled with the program), but can now handle PC games, emulators, even import your games from Steam.

There's a lot of functionality here, but a splash screen helps out by listing the various possibilities, and providing links to video tutorials.

If you prefer to jump straight in, there are wizards to immediately import DOS and other games, but even as a beginner, it doesn't take long to set something up manually.

We clicked Game > Add, and were prompted to enter a game name. Type in just part of a game title - "Meier" - and LaunchBox quickly searches Wikipedia, presenting you with various matches. Choose one of these options and LaunchBox finds all the associated metadata (title, release date, genre, platform etc), and you can download any associated images (box art, screenshots etc) in a couple of clicks.

Next you must tell LaunchBox more about the game itself. There's nothing particularly difficult here, either: it's just a matter of pointing the program at the executable files/ folders, and (if necessary) telling it to run the game via DOSBox, ScummVM, or an emulator.

Repeat this process a few times and LaunchBox presents your games via their cover art. You're able to organise and filter your collection by genre, platform, ESRB rating, developer, and publisher. Clicking any of them displays all the metadata you downloaded earlier, including a rating and description, and you can launch your favourite with a click.

A LaunchBox Premium version extends the program with a big-screen home theater-type view, colour themes, custom fonts, saved filters and more. A single $20 payment covers lifetime upgrades and usage on as many PCs as you like.


New Premium Feature: Big Box will now remember the last view used for each platform; can be enabled under Big Box Views options
New Feature: A new "Combine ROMs with matching titles into a single game" option is available on imports that will allow you to select from multiple ROMs for each game
New Feature: A new "Consolidate ROMs" option is available under the Tools menu in LaunchBox to combine ROMs for existing collections, just like imports
New Feature: New "Combine Games" and "Expand Games" options are available when right-clicking games in LaunchBox; these options will combine and expand games into and out of additional applications
Improvement: When importing individual ROMs (and choosing not to combine them), the Version field will now be populated properly based on the ROM file name
Improvement: Additional applications have a bunch of new fields to support the multiple ROMs per game
Improvement: Region Priorities have moved to the General section of the Options dialog instead of the Images section, as they are now also used for prioritizing multiple ROM versions on imports
Improvement: Region Priorities are no longer a premium-only feature and are now available for free users as well, in order to support the prioritizing multiple ROM versions features
Improvement: Upgraded the integrated version of VLC to 2.2.4 which should help some stability issues
Improvement: The error reporting feature now does a better job of displaying more details about unexpected errors, and automatically reports the error to the LaunchBox development team
Improvement: A new column has been added to audits that specify how many additional applications are on each game and links directly to them (should help with combined games going forward)
Improvement: When deleting games with ROM deletes enabled, the user is now prompted to delete additional application ROMs as well
Improvement: Disc number ROM file name parsing has been improved to support more formats, and side A and side B are now parsed as well
Improvement: The included CriticalZone theme for Big Box now fades out the wheel in the full screen video views (thanks to Grila and CriticalCid!)
Improvement: Updated the growing list of Patreon producers once more in the About dialog! Thank you to all producers!
Fixed: Image region prioritization was being ignored (looked over during performance optimizations)
Fixed: Rare music error when closing LaunchBox
Fixed: LEDBlinky was not being sent Game Start commands for Steam and other URL-based games
Fixed: The CriticalZone theme was not displaying marquee images for games


LaunchBox looks great, is highly configurable yet also very easy to use.