God games tend to take the form of games in which players are placed in control of a world in which they can determine how different aspects of life should pan out – think Sim City, the Sims, etc. Doodle God is a little different in that it takes this right back to the beginning and hands you the responsibility of discovering the various elements that make up the world.

Start with basic elements such as air and water, different components can be combined to great new elements – fire and water, for example, produces firewater, or alcohol. The ‘elements’ referred to in the game are not elements in the strictest chemical sense of the word, but they are all elements of life.

Using a simple touch screen interface, you can discover 140 different elements in 15 categories. There’s everything from humans and lizards to energy and plasma. Some of the combinations are fairly easy to work out, but there is also a need for a certain degree of lateral thinking, as well as a little guess work.

Unlike other God games, the discovery of elements is the object of the game – there is no world to control, no people to direct. The idea is outrageously simple and deeply addictive. The graphical style is unique and beautiful, and Doodle God offers a great way to test your powers of deduction whilst satisfying the inner megalomaniac.


A God game with a difference, Doodle God is a wonderfully rewarding experience unlike any other game.