KoolMoves is a capable Flash authoring tool that allows you to create animated banners, slideshows, media players and more.

The program is easy to use, so you don't have to be a Flash expert to get started (simple wizards walk you through the process of creating slideshows or banners, for instance).

And it comes with plenty of clip art items and prebuilt templates, too - 40 media player skins, 28 web interface templates, 343 clip art elements and buttons, and more - so you don't need design skills, either, you can simply use what's already there.

If that's not enough then you're able to import and reuse existing SWF movies, Flash videos, 3D models (3DS, OBJ, ASE, M2D) and animated GIFs. KoolMoves includes a complete set of drawing tools to help customise your work. Or you might apply a host of text and image-related effects to give your animations a professional touch.

Please note, the Save function is disabled in this trial version. You can still export a movie to use it online, though (File > Export Movie) or view it in a local browser (Play > Play in Web Browser), so there are plenty of opportunities to see just what KoolMoves can do. And of course once you've purchased a licence the Save restriction will be removed.

Version 9.3.0 brings (Changelog):

  • Added detection of a more recent version of KoolMoves available for download.
  • Added wizard page for exporting Flash animation as an Android mobile app.
  • Added display of object size information in bottom status window during transform drag operations like scale.
  • Added additional short cuts for zoom in and zoom out -- + and - keys.
  • Added separate zoom in and zoom out icons.
  • Added option for adding a mobile viewport tag to html file.
  • Added a link in Motion Scripts window to a tutorial on combining effects.
  • Added information popups concerning text effect and clip art libraries.
  • Fixed problem with selection of jQuery Mobile Gui in Preferences.
  • Fixed problem with default play directory when an image is added from a subfolder when previewing for Html5 export prior to saving.


KoolMoves provides an easy-to-use way to create quality Flash applets for your website