If you'd like to build a website but don't have a clue how to begin, then TOWeb may be able to help. There's none of the usual complexities here, and no knowledge of HTML or scripting is required - just follow the program's simple wizard-like interface and it'll quickly generate a site for you.

The process starts by choosing the pages you'd like your site to include: an introduction, photo album, favourite links page and more.

Next, choose a theme for your site. The program comes with 22 themes built-in, each with their own colours, banners, background and design, but if you're not happy with these then a Theme Generator will help you build one from scratch.

The Topics stage then allows you to enter text, images and other content for each page. You're able to customise pages with background images and music, if you like, and there are some interesting design options. It's possible to force a page to refresh periodically, for instance, useful if you've linked to a webcam image or some other dynamic content.

And when you're done, the program is able to export a copy of the website to your hard drive. Or an integrated FTP client will publish the generated site direct to your host.

Please note that this free version of TOWeb has significant limitations, including a maximum of 10 pages and a maximum site size of 10 MB. If this is an issue then you should upgrade to one of the commercial versions, which remove these limits and add extra features: support for blogs and contact forms, search engine optimisations, multiple site creation, Word/ Excel document import, e-commerce features and more. Prices start from 29.90 Euros. Click the Licence button within the program to find out more.


While its templates are little basic, TOWeb really is easy to use, and you'll be able to build a small and simple website in just a few minutes