FontCreator is a tool which can display existing fonts, let you modify individual characters to suit your needs, and design complete new fonts from scratch.

The program is equally at home with both TrueType and OpenType fonts (and can convert OpenType fonts to TrueType). And it supports all the popular encodings and code pages (ANSI, ASCII, Unicode, Symbol, Big5, PRC, Wansung, etc) so you can be sure that your creation will work wherever you need to use it.

Support for importing both vector files (EPS, AI, PDF etc) and bitmap images (BMP, GIF, PNG) helps get your design project off the ground quickly.

But there are plenty of other goodies which should appeal to more advanced users. So the program can fix character mappings, for instance, or edit and regenerate font names. It's able to generate, modify, import, export, and clean up kerning pairs. And with the ability to add up to 65,535 glyphs per font there are no real obstacles placed in the way of your creativity: you can do more or less anything you like.

Please note, FontCreator comes in Home ($79), Standard ($149) and Professional ($199) Editions. They're generally similar, but the Home Edition can't be used for commercial purposes, and is missing a few of the more advanced features (Automatic kerning wizard, "Insert characters" feature, font validation wizard, real-time glyph validation). See the full comparison here.

Version 10.0 brings (see full changelog):

- Unicode 9 support, including 72 new emoji characters and support for several lesser-used languages
- New vector based import of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
- Copy and paste as SVG between FontCreator and other vector editing software, e.g. Inkscape, and Adobe Illustrator
- Auto correct contour directions on importing an SVG
- Contour optimize feature which reduces the number of points (nodes)
- New glyph transformer features (optimize contours, inverse effect, and select range of glyphs by glyph name)
- Improvements related to OpenType layout features
- Added support for design and supported languages tags (dlng and slng in the sfnt font table meta)
- New extend corner feature which allows you to make adjustments to a curve without interfering with the adjacent curve
- Ellipse tool draws a "perfect circle" with 20 nodes instead of 12 if drawn at very large sizes
- New vector based import of Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES) files
- Tag enhancements (indication in Glyph Edit window, tag context menu items, toggle, and shortcuts)
- Improved font validation checks
- Added Total Points to the Font Information dialog
- Improved Knife Tool cursor
- New Pan with middle mouse button
- Shift + Q/W to select multiple points with the keyboard (implemented for both point and contour mode)
- Pre-processing of images (scaling up small bitmaps before tracing contours will improve the results)
- Several minor improvements and bug fixes


FontCreator has the advanced features experts need, yet is also easy enough to be used at a basic level by just about anyone.