IsoBuster is an unusually powerful data recovery tool that can rescue files from just about any optical disc.

The program works with all CD, DVD, Blu-ray and even HD DVD formats. In a couple of clicks it can be scanning your disc for lost data. And a deep understanding of many different file structures means that, if the files are still readable, there's a very good chance that they can be recovered.

There are also many convenient and thoughtful touches here. When you first scan a disc, for instance, IsoBuster will ask if you want to create an image of it on your hard drive (scanning that will be much faster). And in a welcome bonus feature, the program allows you to open many image formats, and browse them as though they were actually discs, viewing documents or launching the applications they contain.

There is also an important restriction with this version of the program: it can't recover data from UDF discs (UDF is the file system used by packet writing applications). To unlock this you must purchase an IsoBuster Pro licence; this costs $29.95 for personal use, and you can find out more on the IsoBuster site.

IsoBuster 3.9 includes these improvements (see changelog for more):

- You can now define your own rules/signatures for finding files based on their signature [Professional license]
- Added support for Windows 10 transparent system compressed NTFS files
- Added a WIM Tab to NTFS File properties, when the file is actually stored in a WIM [Professional license]
- Clone an entire drive (partitions and all) or a single partition, to another Hard Drive or partition
- Perform a so called 'Managed' Clone of a drive (partitions and all) to another Hard Drive. This is the same as making a managed IBP but the IBQ is written to a source Hard Disk instead of a file [Professional license]
- Support for the Opera 3DO file system 
- Support for B6T and B6I image files
- Clicking an address in the Properties window launches Sector View, showing the content of that address
- From-To dialog (If set via Options) when doing a surface scan
- From-To dialog (If set via Options) when doing a scan for missing files and folders [Professional license]
- From-To dialog (If set via Options) when creating a list of erroneous sectors
- /eto: command line parameter that takes a value in milliseconds as time out during extraction


An essential data recovery tool. If you ever back up anything to optical discs then this program needs to be in your emergency toolkit