Fast Raw File Copier Pro is a tool for copying individual files or complete folders, including those which might normally be protected by Windows.

Suppose you wanted to back up the files containing your system's Registry, for instance. They're normally held in the \Windows\System32\Config folder, but if you try to copy that folder from Explorer then Windows will complain that it can't: most of the files are open. As your Registry is always in use, this situation will never change, so you'll never be able to copy the files with Windows alone.

Fast Raw File Copier Pro copies in a different way, though. The program figures out exactly where any source files are stored on your hard drive, then accesses them directly, without going through the usual kernel mode driver. As a result, Windows can't step in to prevent particular files from being copied, and the process just works.

You may need to take a moment to figure out exactly what you're doing, though. We chose to copy folders, for instance, selected a source of C:\Test and a destination of J:\ , expecting the result to be a folder J:\Test (with all the original contents, of course). But even though we were copying folders, what the program actually did was copy the contents of C:\Test into the J:\ folder, leaving us with a little cleaning up to do. If that seems odd to you, too, then make sure you carry out a few test copies before using the program seriously to make sure you understand what's going on.

And despite the program calling itself "Fast", and its direct access of our hard drive, performance was nothing special, with copies proceeding at around the same speed as Windows.

If you simply need to be able to copy protected files occasionally, though, none of these issues will be a big deal, and Fast Raw File Copier Pro will get the job done with the minimum of hassle. And it's portable, too, which is an extra convenience.


The copying logic seems odd, but nonetheless Fast Raw File Copier Pro makes it easy to copy protected files which Explorer won't touch