There’s never been a better time to be in the market for a free backup tool. These days, you need two types of backup: one for your files and documents, and the other for your system. EaseUS Todo Backup Free attempts to straddle both spheres, and does so with reasonable success.

The great news about EaseUS Todo Backup Free is that it’s actually a rebadged version of Todo Backup Home, which was previously sold as a commercial product. It’s capable of backing up everything from selected files and file types to entire partitions or drives (there’s also cloning tools included for upgrading from one drive to another), with scheduling options and support for incremental updates so backups are kept as small and efficient as possible.

There are lots of recovery and restore options too, such as being able to browse disk and partition backups for individual files and folders, plus an option for creating a WinPE-based recovery disc that allows you to use the program outside of Windows, making it perfect for drive upgrades or recovering crashed systems.

It’s all straightforward to use and works admirably. There are some gripes though – although it’s possible to back up certain email-based files using the file types option, we’d prefer a more explicit email backup option along with selected program settings and – for the geeks among us – Registry settings too.

What's new/fixed in v9.2?

FIX: Pre-OS cannot start on Surface Pro 
FIX: Scheduled task will be executed twice in the first week of every month 
FIX: Process cannot exit after the automatic update was cancelled 
FIX: Optimized the performance and resources occupancy when waking the computer to run the backup 
FIX: Abnormal page faults when application running 
FIX: The scheduled task never execute when choosing "Execute backup when system startup" 
FIX: If backup destination is set to USB storage, it would be modified automatically when other USB device plugs in 
FIX: Failed to start VSS when Smart Backup runs 
FIX: Incorrect backup file number in e-mail notification after incremental backup and differential file backup 
FIX: Incorrect compression level in e-mail notification 
FIX: If Windows login info is not inputted in backup schedule settings, the task those backup from/to network directory would not run correctly
FIX: When backing up to network directory, connection could not be established if user name is longer than 32 charactors


A competent tool for combining both file- and image-based backups within a single program continues to add useful new features with each subsequent update.